I have vmware 6. Once you have connected to your host via SSH, do the following:. Included VMware vSphere 6. I am willing to pay for someone to fix this. I am not sure what else to try at this point. The hardware is old and we have some plans for a site refresh in the near future, so until then we will continue to limp along. I knew right away it was the LSI card sounding off due to a hard drive failure.

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Thanks for creating this post. The RAID card in this particular server is an LSI i, however this guide is the same for all of the 92xx series cards, like the i, or ssxi. Stage 5 – Edit the Hosts File.

How to install SMIS Provider for your LSI/Avago controller card on VMware ESXi

You can do this for each time you boot, not leaving it enabled at start time security consideration. As long as you’re already on ESXi 5. Hopefully this will help someone. I’m sure that many users already does figured this out as well.


Click the Download Icon arrow in column 5 to download the file. By picking up certified hardware sometimes isn’t enough. I have vmware 6. But here we go. I’ve always been dsxi bit jealous of the simplicity of Areca and other models, that simply use an RJ45 Ethernet port on the card itself, for all RAID management and alerting functions.

Visiting Indian Ocean and Reunion Island? It’s lzi that the one line of your ESXi hosts file exactly match whatever is in the Windows host file, seen pictured here below.

LSI SMI-S CIM Provider Overview for ESXi 6.x ()

VMware Workstation and other IT tutorials. See also this particular discussion below:.

To complete this process, you will have to put your ESXi host into maintenance mode, and you will have to reboot.

Run this command to load the VIB: My opinions here, not my employer ‘s. I am not sure what else to try at this point. It is recommended that you attempt this installation on a laboratory or test system before deploying this into a production live system or environment. Subscribe to future posts and updates! Patreon SuperServer Order Page.

Optionally, you can now set up triggers and alarms for RAID health events detailed in video. Can 5. describe which file must be downloaded?


It’s all explained and shown at: Only one copy of the SLP Helper utility is required per broadcast subnet. You should make sure that the hardware is on the HCL and that there is a management software for the platform you willing to use Windows, Linux, VMware… which can actually monitor the status. Unpack the zip archive. Ideally, this would be with full health monitoring and alerting from within this vSphere lab in a box, since knowing when a drive fails is, of course, important.

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Here’s the i support site: When you have been able to Discover the Host, you wsxi be able to login. Patreon SuperServer Order Page. The logic of my RAID controller choice is documented at: MSM just says servers could not be found because server may be down or server not installed.