USB also supports Plug-and-Play installation and hot plugging. We can now just pull the pieces apart There are light-emitting diodes and light detecting diodes called photodiodes. It is normally located between the left and right mouse buttons. It is used, as the name suggests, for scrolling.

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A single USB port can be used to connect up to peripheral devices, such as mice, modems, and keyboards. Real optical systems are complex and practical difficulties often increase the distance between distinguishable point sources.

A scroll wheel or mouse wheel is a hard plastic or rubbery disc the “wheel” on a computer mouse that is perpendicular to the mouse surface. That is usually accomplished by unscrewing the ball holder plastic thingy under the mouse. In the next episode, we will be destroying an HP Keyboard that came along with this mouse: This is the brain of the mouse.

There are 2 pairs of these, one for X-axis, and one for Y-axis.

HP M-UB48 Scroll USB Mouse, P/N: 5184-1244, 5184-9613

It is expected to completely replace serial and parallel ports. We can now just pull m-uh48 pieces apart There are light-emitting diodes and light detecting diodes called photodiodes.

Unfortunately for the mouse, we don’t want to clean it. We’ve accomplished our goal of turning a perfectly good mouse into a pile of garbage: The large center wheel also operates on the same principle, but the LED is a bit bigger: These are set side by side, separated by a wheel with slits.


It was not until the m-kb48 of the best-selling iMac in that USB became widespread.

Next step is to unscrew the one and only screw logutech holding this thing together. The sections below describe the theoretical estimates of resolution, but the real values may differ.

Starting ina few computer manufacturers started including USB support in their new machines. The first step in breaking or cleaning a ball-based mouse is to take out the ball.

It is used, as the name suggests, for scrolling. This is essentially a Logitech mouse with an HP cover on it.

HP M-UB48 Scroll USB Mouse, P/N: , only $ – Mouse

We want to destroy it. In low-contrast systems, the resolution may be much lower than predicted by the theory outlined below. Resolution depends on the distance between two distinguishable radiating points.

logihech The results below are based on mathematical models of Airy discs, which assumes an adequate level of contrast. Movement is detected by sensing changes in reflected light, rather than by interpreting the motion of a rolling sphere. The one and only tool we will be using is a trusty “4 in 1” screw driver.


When the wheel moves, the diodes detect these slits. It is also based on LEDs.

– Logitech m-ub48 / eComStation / IBM OS/2 Warp

If logitceh were interested in cleaning the mouse, we would wash the ball, etc. It obviously is meant to plug into the HP keyboard The mouse originally came with an HP Pavilion PC, and was never used was replaced on day one by a Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer, which will also be destroyed in later episodes.

Lets turn out attention towards the back of the mouse, where it seems there is a heat sink or something that’s covering some chip. The wheel is often – but not always – engineered with detents to turn in discrete steps, rather than continuously as an analog axis, to allow the operator to more easily intuit how far they are scrolling. The -mub48 it is covering is a Logitech logltech. A ball mouse is actually an optical mouse.