Slider – Carriage base slider – plastic piece on the front end of the carriage that allows the carriage to slide side to side. Rod Scanner – Scanner rod – shaft that the scanner assembly rides on. Absorber – Ink service station ISS bottom absorber foam – absorbs ink during the cleaning process. Spring – Left wall spring front – Holds left wall assembly in position. Wing – Left wing – Holds printed paper after being ejected. Paper – Banner paper – A4 size Panel – Paper tray panel right cheek – Attaches to the right edge of the wing frame.

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Carriage – Ink cartridge carriage assembly – This item should be replaced only by trained, experienced service personnel. Tray Assembly – Paper input tray assembly for loading paper bottom. Shaft – Drive shaft with molded gears on each end. Spitton – Spittoon base – the bottom and main housing of the service station assembly – holds any residual ink from the print cartridge cleaning process.

Latch – Cartridge latch Color – Holds color ink cartridge in place. Carriage Base – Carriage base or pre-loader assembly – mounted to bottom of carriage base.

Sensor Out – OOPS sensor – out of paper sensor – detects the presence of the paper in the printer tray. Arm Plate – Lever arm – used to lift the pressure plate lifter.

Deflector – Paper deflector – guides paper out of dispose assembly – through the internal paper path cover. Backbone – BacKBone – Large metal item where the main logic PCA and the carriage drive motor are mounted – This item should be replaced only by trained, experienced service personnel.


Rod – Carriage rod – Shaft that the carriage assembly rides on – This item should be replaced hp8440c by trained, experienced service personnel. We will contact you with repair total and your diagnostic fee will be waived if unit is repaired. Drive Assembly – Paper drive roller kit – includes roller assembly, bushings, gear on roller, transmission gear kit, encoder disc, end thrust axial spring.

Carriage Cable – Flex circuit cable which connects the head driver board to the carriage assembly. Holder – Right carriage restraint holder – Used to protect the carriage assembly from damage during shipment. Control Panel – Control panel assembly – control buttons and display on top front of the unit.

Spring – Belt tension spring – Provides tension for carriage belt.

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Paper Stacker – Kicker – Restacks paper in stack after top sheet is picked. Power Supply Board – High voltage power supply board. It can print with speed up to eight pages per minute, so it is very convenient. Extender Input – Tray extension assembly stopper – tray with a paper stop on the input tray – extends to accomodate different media lenths.

Lever – Pressure plate lever – Transfers upward pressure from the separator lifter to the kicker. Paper – Bright white InkJet paper – A size 8. Leave this field empty.


Spitton – Spittoon base – The bottom of the service station assembly.

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Separator – Pad separator – assembled from plastic and rubber components; to help in separating sheet of media during printing from bottom trays. Spring – Latch spring – Provides friction for the knob on the rear cleanout door assembly. Cover Back printfr Back cover of printer, it is usually removed to clear paper jams. The advanced one produces a stunning photo quality, excellent print quality on plain paper, black text and very efficient image printing.

Spring – Pinch spring – Provides tension on upper paper guide.

Cable USB – This interface cable printdr the standard 2. Cable – Cable assembly – An pin F connector to two 3-pin F connectors and a 7-pin F connector – Arm Delivery – Paper sensing arm – for ‘paper out’ or delivering paper sensing arm. Idler – Scanner belt idler assembly – maintains scannter belt tension. Retainer – Felt retainer – Holds the lubricating felt to the side of the carriage. Encoder Strip – Encoder strip – carriage position hp40c reference.

Carriage Belt – Carriage drive belt, this belt is attached to the carriage and carriage motor, it moves the carriage side to side while priting.