Shorter cables reduce the amount of charge wasted in transporting current to the cell. To do this, the gate signal is connected via optical fiber , or the gates are driven by a large transformer. Pulse duration of the voltage pulses can be selected in the range from 0,2 ns to tens of microseconds. A transverse Pockels cell consists of two crystals in opposite orientation, which together give a zero-order wave plate when the voltage is turned off. The input power at 5 kHz is about 20 W.

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For a Pockels cell with longitudinal electric field, the crystal length does not matter, since e. This is important not for pulse pickersbut for boxcar windows.

Pockels cells for fibre optics may employ a traveling pocels design to reduce current requirements and increase speed. Pockels cells can have two different geometries concerning the direction of the applied electric field:.

At PRF above 50 kHz a liquid cooling becomes more efficient.

The connection is made by short cm long wires. Click here to see typical nanosecond and picosecond Pockels cell drivers The main specialty of the FDS series is a short rise time which can vary from ps to ns.

Typical dimensions of FDM series pulsers are x60x40 mm. For better matching and reduction of oscillations it is recommended to connect a ccell load in parallel to a Pockels cell.


Such converters have a triggering pulse amplifier which allows using standard TTL 5V triggering pulses.

FID GmbH – Applications – Pockels Cell Drivers – FDS Series Overview

Larger apertures are possible without increasing the cdll voltage. Pulse duration of the voltage pulses can be selected in the range from 0,2 ns to tens of microseconds. Thus the current gain of this transistor is one for 3 ns switching, but it still has voltage gain. The driver must withstand the doubled voltage returned to it.

Pockels Effect

For application of these materials e. A special series of Pockels cell drivers allow paired operation into a single Pockels cell. The main specialty of the FDS series is a short rise time which can vary from ps to ns. For larger open apertures, the electrode separation needs to be larger, celo hence also the voltages.

Pockels cells with longitudinal electric field. Maximum PRF of the FDS drivers can be 10 kHz and higher, but it is necessary to take into pokcels account the average power delivered to the load. The delay of the high voltage pulse relative to the triggering pulse is about ns.

Modular drivers require DC power input of V and triggering pulses with the amplitude of V, rise time of ns and pulse duration of ns. Retrieved from ” https: The electric field can be applied to the crystal medium either longitudinally or transversely to the light beam. A resistor ensures the leakage current needed by the crystal and later to recharge the storage capacitor.


See applications below for uses. Q-switchingchirped pulse amplificationand cavity dumping use this technique. The Pockels cell thus acts as a voltage-controlled waveplate. If you like this article, share it with your friends and colleagues, e.

In such fidd it is better to choose a driver with rise time of ps to reduce oscillations at the cell. The driver may employ many transistors connected parallel and serial.

The triggering is both internal and external. Views Read Edit View history.

Pockels cells with transverse electric field. Note that the first index i runs from 1 to 6 in this contracted notation, where e. In the Kerr effectthe refractive index change birefringence is proportional to the square of the field.