I just replaced it under warranty. Besides this capture card, if you brought it. Winfast among others do not want to Know their answer get the new version. What does device manager say?? Have u got anything else thats USB2?? Don’t you just Mr Gates’ prodigy. It will be interesting to see what smiths have to say.

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I updated to the latest one and this allowed proper install of SATA drivers and, probably, the issues with capturing. Only when that data is invalid error has come up, when trying to get a PCI card to work.

Have you NEVER had a unit refuse to work with a particular piece of hardware, if not everything becomes self explanatory. Winfast among others do not want to Know their answer get the new version. That’s all I can think of at the moment, but maybe someone can explain the detail of what an overlay supported display is.

Don’t you just Mr Gates’ prodigy. All araptor components test perfectly. If I must I will look back through my mags their is either a PC Authority or PC World article that documents the refusal of a combonation to function with a very good sound card they were testing on some very good hardware.


Unless ya system is screwed, it works. Seen others on the market with craps specs for around the same price.

Welcome to winfast unlisted conflicts in xp, it is interesting that your was set off by sata. Nope I havent actually. Play with enough of them, it will happen.

Thanks for the fast responses. Does anyone know of a work-around for this as continuing with the above is not an option. Does Windows say it has detected a device if you “hot” plug the adapter into the USB port? Everything now works correctly.

any one tried the DSE USB video capture adaptor? | Velocity Reviews

I had major problems with various capturing issues: Since my mobo upgrade to an nforce type the tuner card has never worked; it has nothing to do with the SATA drive -one thread stated it has to do with the directx 9. How about a conflict that does not register that a lot of very expensive Tech’s can NOT find. I just replaced it under warranty.

Most techs wouldnt know a hell of a lot.

I found that the bundled apps would crash randomly ie. I use BOTH in this, with no prob at all. Check through the list of system requirements: There is a free slot on my motherboard. Have u got anything else thats USB2?? I will try for an answer with Dick Smith to see if I can find out the brand of the product for direct company communication.


And it has always worked Or unless ya system cant handle it or u have some kind of conflict.

An overlay supported display is a graphics chip that allows 2.00 hardware access by the video stream, using the graphics hardware and not software to manipulate the image, or that is my interpretation. I’ll rather do it myself, if there were any conflicts. If this doesnt appear in Device Manager, then u have 1.

any one tried the DSE USB 2.0 video capture adaptor?

SATA drive conflicting with capture device. No new drivers on the Leadtek download site either. What version of Windows are you running? Besides this udb card, if you brought it.