Please do continue to report bugs in the future, and thank you for helping to make Ubuntu better! For example most graphics cards also do sound. Use this if you are on a vanilla install or. But i do not think this is relevant to you. The weird Audio device: I believe wine and virtualbox directly access the alsa drivers instead of using pulseaudio. Have you tried re-installing the alsa sound card driver from the package manager not source?

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Daniel T Chen crimsun wrote on Typical Error Messages related to azalia intel hda driver xp treiber: Should you need any more info, tell me.

Some reported a windows kernel driver update have mess-up with sound. Use single command to communicate with codecs for debugging only. Invalid position buffer, using LPIB read method instead. After reading several other topics on sound like this oneI’ve tried OSS and it solved the problem.

Dv5-1035eo.. What’s the audio driver for XP?

I am almost completely convinced that something went wrong with pulseaudio. I noticed that video files play faster then it should be.


No sound at all from Asus A7U. This may or may not solve your issue I am fairly certain that the problem arised from some sort of mis-configuration due to pulseaudio being uninstalled and then reinstalled, however there is no way to prove that. Sbx00 azalia intel hda driver.

The HDA driver puts out lots of useful information during boot. I wonder if your module may accept such an option. All the latest manufacturer’s drivers available for free from Snx00 Patch.

Because this problem can no longer be diagnosed, I will be marking this report as “Invalid”. By deactivating the intel display audio in device manager, I was able to solve.

The test page printed quickly. So, can you get something from this?

Gigabyte Realtek Azalia Audio Driver Driver – TechSpot

Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal. My friend told me that this happens when we use bad hardware under ubuntu. But then u saw than one of audio devices was just muted. Well, look at your amixer output, which shows several important controls to be muted: Have you tried accessing things like YouTube in Firefox?


I’ve tried all the different audio devices, but no sound from any of them in fact, the HDA is the only physical device, although qmmp is offering various options such as default: Note that you may have to ai devices after the reboot as well. Email me about changes to this bug report.

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ATI SB at 0xfe irq 16″ test. Let’s put it this way Now i’m using Kubuntu and there are now troubles. Use the given board model. ID string for Intel HD audio interface.

Epson XP printer setup proving problematical on I’ve reverted to IPP on My laptop is Asus A7u. However, I managed to solve it.