You can do the same quite easily by setting up an OpenBTS base station but running a base station legally is not straightforward and you’ll need to do a lot of legwork to ensure you stay legal. Jitsi provides this for computers. The wireless sniffers above will actually sniff everything that’s out there and show you all the ESSID’s and channels in use, signal strength etc. The SIM shall allow loading of the key file by telco only if the telco could prove that it have the initialization key or the pin. In regular intervals the network shall ask the equipment to re-do challenge response in which case SIM shall again be used.

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Airscanner Mobile Sniffer ported to Windows Mobile 2003 SE and 5.0

The mobile also maintains a history record of the SIM ID and network to which it registered, which helps paclet to fasten the process when the equipment is restarted for judging the network to which the request for registration to sent first. The standards are available in ETSI which will be slightly complex to understand initially. More and more WirelessSniffers are becoming available.

Sign up using Email and Password. I will post some basic PDF links latter using which you can understand the mobile wireless security. Smart Card is not a secret password but a slave computer airsdanner simple explanation. Here ‘s an interesting article on the subject.


The response is passed to the network by the mobile equipment. The security requirement is imposed by the Logs are in CSV for use in other programs.

Dan Dascalescu 1, 2 10 Authentication is achieved using a challenge response method using a secret key.

However the encryption is a challenge, so another attack is to become a cell transmission tower and run a MITM attack.

It talks to the desired network to let it register to the network. The device is intended to be infrequently moved, and provides permanent visibility of your wireless networks and remote controlled packet capture features. The tables are also very large 1.

WirelessSniffer – Personal Telco Project

As far as your other question regarding The explanation I have given in the post is put in simple way more to understand the basics, the actual and current security is needed to be understood from the current specifications. See all the network traffic of your wireless net. For straight IP debugging though tcpdump is a great cheap alternative.

User Identity confidentiality is obtained by using a temporary identity called the International Mobile User Identity. If you can break the encryption then no problem- it being wireless you can simply pull it from the air. It searches for any accesspoint in the range of the scanning device. Pocketwarrior is now released under GPL. Yes it will work. The SIM card will only allow operation like encipher or signing using the file.


The manufactor is detected by the devices MAC-Address. There are standards like ISO which provides commands interface using which an capturs reader caputre communicate with the smart card.

The above context was more with respect to GSM technology. It has an embedded statistic engine for the common parameters provided by the wireless drivers which enables you to fetch the detail about the consistency and signal strength etc of the network.

Grasshopper detects and differentiates from narrow-band multipath interferences such as microwave ovens and frequency hopping systems and features a built-in display, keypad and removable battery pack for true portability.

The SIM card using the secret key encrypts the challenge and sends it as a response to the ISO command to the equipment. In case the file airacanner not available, the mobile will make an attempt in a sequential manner with the list of network providers. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Source code for Apcket is also available at Sourceforge at http: