This should bring to the functionality prior to installing the KB. Afraid of losing more drives i began to search for answers, and ended up here. I wonder if the patch has caused additional wear on the hard drive because the disk was stopped and started so many times a day for the last few days Hotfix ALSO made my 2nd hard drive spin on and off. Now that I’ve read it, I see that John is on the case. The spin up virtually freezes the System for a short time especially on things like Live TV in Media Center will be interrupted at drive spin up for about seconds or more, virtually any activity that demands something of the system will be halted for that period of time.

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Onboard audio, access point and second ethernet port are disabled.

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Acronis True Image Did this solve your problem? Hi John, here’s the controller info. It would greatly aid the diagnostic process if people experiencing this issue try the different settings to find a balance between power consumption and performance that suits their needs. The other interesting bug, which probably isn’t related, but you never know, is that my clock time the time in the lower right corner is always slow, raning from minutes or so. I wanted to wait a day before switching my hard drives to power down.


I am 6.0.6000.1638 the utility rescue and recovery from the newly cloned external USB drive. So I exited all of my IE windows and then tried to find the. The only way you can save your computers from listening to MS servers before your own commands is boycott the idiots altogether. I recently reinstalled Maxtr, and if I remember correctly, I did see the problem appear in this new Vista installation.

For those who would prefer to never have their hard disk spin down, please change the policy in the “Power Options” control panel or via the powercfg command-line:. You will need to connect a power cable from the power supply wiring harness, and an SATA cable between the motherboard and hard drive.

If available, install updated firmware for the device. Now it does not spin up and immediately down all the time, but sometimes the hard drive spins up although no application demands access for it.

Ive been swapping sata leads, power leads. All times are GMT Lenovo Y Laptop. Please enter a valid email address. It just turns out that it was a 6.0.6000.16836 plugin. I would like to make sure that the UI is properly populating power policies – try to say that 10 times fast. Wednesday, May 14, 3: What I would suggest if you are able to boot into windows is to go to a maxfor prompt by using the start menuthen in the RUN box type the letters ‘CMD’ and hit enter.


Not sure if it’s clear from this but my system drive is the Seagate and the drive spinning up and down is the Maxtor.

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Thank you for posting your experiences, eggsala. Wednesday, February 13, 5: If SP1 still exhibits this issue MS will find that more useful. Here also some people with this problem: In fact, I just paused to set the sleep time to never for the drives.

Like others here, I’m really glad I found this site.

I hear ya, but this whole issue shouldn’t be an issue anymore. For what it’s worth here’s my info: I uninstalled KB, but the problem persisted. maxhor

Maxtor 6YM0 ATA Device Drivers Download for Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista –

As a side note, I couldn’t try to check if the system drive would experience this problem too, because it can never go into standby because there are two files – lastalive0. Installed it, everything went perfect for about 15minutes. The system harddrive i. NoRootCause Problem Signature